Thursday, 30 July 2009

five minutes of fun

Ah, nostalgia. We never grow up that's for sure... remember those cut-out doll templates that you used to dress with cut-out clothes with the foldover tabs? I used to love those... and now, courtesy of Boden you can do it online, using their entire range of clothes. I spent more than five minutes actually... a bit addictive if I'm honest.

Here's one I made earlier (Trinny & Suzanne... your jobs are safe)...


  1. Did you ever have the modern, plastic type that adhered to the doll by static electricity?

    Thanks for sharing some fun.

  2. Sis and I had those cut-out dolls with foldover tabs and we enjoyed making (well, drawing and cutting) them clothes! Boy, I almost forgot about that!


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