Wednesday, 15 July 2009

what we need. part 2

You know I love crocheting hexagons don't you! Well, you do now. Specially worked up in gorgeous rich colours. Spotted these beautiful things over on the Garnet Hill website via Put a sock on it!. (There are close-ups available on the Garnet Hill website). What's even more exciting is I can work out a very similar motif for myself, and super simple it is too. I will post some instructions if anyone's interested!


  1. oh, great find... the colours are so gorgeous! i'm off to have a closer peek... :)

  2. I was admiring this on the Garnet Hill site myself. I'd love to have your instriuctions for one similar and would definitely follow through and make it! :)

  3. this is such a great project ! i love these colors. i have a similar project myself (hexagon blanket) for this winter (and a full basket of colorful rowan dk waiting for me !)
    i committed to a few (crochet) gifts first, but i can't wait to start it !
    how big will be yours ?

  4. Hello! This is beautiful and 'my' colours! I think I'll make similar with your hexacons! It's funny how 'things go around' - I visited a website of one prison where they make handworks and from there I found that Garnet Hill! Wonderful things! Wishes Teje


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