Wednesday, 8 July 2009

market day

I live in a wonderful neighbourhood right in the centre of Athens called Gyzi. It's an old working-class neighbourhood, where women of a certain age still wear aprons, sweep their steps and talk to the neighbours across the street from their balconies. I love it! And one of the best aspects is the weekly street market on a Wednesday. I can see the orange canopies of the stalls from my balcony. The produce is wonderful and it is as good as any of the best markets I've visited in Provence. I will let the images speak for themselves.


  1. there’s just nothing like buying fresh food
    at a market like this .. ~ wish i could visit this
    one with you, sweets !

    i especially love the 'potatoes and garlic', ~ &
    'fish and squid' photos .. so beautiful !!
    and love the tones in all of them ..

    .. and when i look at the watermelon photo i
    can almost taste the amazing sweetness of the
    greek watermelons ..
    i'll never forget when they came driving with an entire
    truck full of them, and stopped by the café where we had
    breakfast in the mornings ( in paleohora, crete (( i was about
    eleven, i think )) ) .. & we got to pick and choose & they weighed
    them on this old fashioned scale. yum !


    so cosy to have you ’here’ beautiful !

    :hugs: h

  2. after your flickrmail :

    i can’t see any comment back, sweets !
    ... *smiles* ...

    oh, i love the photo of the man too.. beautiful !
    he reminds me quite a lot of my fafa ( my papa’s papa ) ..
    he was a special soul.

    .. and so are you, my dear.
    much love, h

  3. love your beautiful (healthy) pictures !
    & greek food is so tasty *yum*


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