Monday, 6 July 2009

simple beginnings

So... where does one begin? I had never considered starting a blog before, but in my current jobless state, in a new house that no longer needs 'tweaking' and arranging, and in weather hot enough to melt the windows, I find myself spending long periods of time in a dark room in front of the computer screen. I have had a long affair with Flickr, and more recently Ravelry, but what about all those nuggets of gold that I find along the way, those inspiring images and blogs, and all those things I just want to 'tell' somebody. No, there's no other way... the blog starts here!


  1. .. and i think it's perfect ..
    so happy about this; to be able to
    find you here; so complete with your
    thoughts and photos and favourites
    and inspirations and .. nuggets of gold.

    YOU are a gem.


    p.s love the photo in the header too !!

  2. welcome on the blogland :)
    i already love your young blog


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Leanda :)