Tuesday, 7 July 2009

too much talent

OK... let's kick off the inspiration side of things. Flickr is a hotbed of talent and I always try to spend a few minutes a day there. I have developed some wonderful contacts through it and hopefully some life-long friends too! Here is just a tiny taster of what can be seen on my favourites pages... more to follow.

1. Doilies on the stair. And Papu!, WIP, 2. Untitled, 3. Buttons & Doilies, 4. vintage threads, 5. 09:25, 6. Step by step guide to doily invite, 7. Dancers without foot in Aqua, 8. pinky dinky doo, 9. Voodoo Pierre, 10. close proximity, 11. Untitled, 12. sketch 18th march: a little more than I had bargained for..., 13. Spools, 14. project about senses, 15. Bird-speak, 16. flowers and grannies...


  1. first thing i saw; after finding your note
    & going straight here ( & bookmarking you ) ..
    love !! .. and am honoured !

    so cosy you have a blog now, sweets !
    oh .. let me enjoy for a while ( i just made a big cup of great coffee too; so it's pure perfection ! )

    x h

  2. a collection after my own heart Leanda, beautiful! and thank you for the inclusion... :)

    i'm off to have a closer look...


  3. oh! Such beautiful talent!!! Your blog is divine... i'm looking forward to visiting for a while xx


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