Saturday, 1 August 2009

summer's here...

It's that time of year again! The year-end in Greece is usually the end of July. They don't really stop for Christmas - maybe a couple of days off - but you don't really feel that psychological break as we do in England or the US. August is the time when pretty much every Athenian buggers off for a month, while the tourists come in (not so many this year of course). I could never figure out how industry could just sort of shut down for a whole month (they do it in Italy too), but that's exactly what happens, and everyone is in holiday mode from about the end of June! During August, most Athenians will go 'back to the village' where they usually have a country home. This may sound grand, but it's anything but. The notion of actually coming from Athens is pretty new, maybe by only one generation or so. If you ask most Athenians in their 30's and 40's where they come from, they will usually name the villages or islands where their parents are from. As property is very much kept in the family here, most will still have maintained a property there, which will eventually be passed on to their children and so on and so on. It's where most will spend their holidays and maybe escape to for the odd weekend here and there too.

This year, as George and I have no money whatsoever, we are putting a tent in the back of our 13 year-old Nissan Almeira (The Beast of the Asphalt) and driving round the north of Greece. This will happen next Friday. In the meantime, I am off to Crete to stay with a dear friend for a few days and George has taken off to an island this morning with his mates for a bit of male bonding time. I am no big fan of camping, but I will throw myself into the spirit of things this year. Even though I haven't been working, I desperately need a break from the house and the city. Just to switch off, relax and forget about it all for a while. Everything will spring into action come September, I just hope I will be able to too.

Thanks to all of you who have followed along so far, have a great summer and look forward to catching up again in a few weeks!!


  1. oh, sweet you. love following you here;
    & was so happy just to see your always beautiful
    hand among my comments ..
    you made me smile tonight;thank you !
    .. i love to see more also of how you express yourself
    in words; i already knew thru letters i love your language.
    oh, how i’ve missed you, beautiful leanda; it came
    rushing in right now.


    have an amazing time when you go & get safe back
    for the next adventure !! love, so much, h

  2. where did my long comment go?!?

    recap : i love you. have an amazing time & come back
    safe for the next adventure.
    much love, h

  3. the idea of a city shutting down and being able to relax and holiday sounds so lovely and romantic. It seems like priorities are in the right order in your part or the world. Enjoy your summer, I am sure you will relax and take to camping

  4. Hi Leanda! Have a wonderful time! :) I'm staying in the city, I love it when everyone leaves, it's so quiet!

  5. enjoy your break in the sun !
    I'll be there when you come back

  6. we heard about all those wildfaires near Athens... so sad and crazy.. just wanted to check if you & yours are safe...
    take care


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