Monday, 20 July 2009

spotlight on... Peter Clark

I like my art a bit on the fun side... doesn't take itself too seriously, makes you smile. And it usually urrs towards what could be called illustration, graphic design or craft. Peter Clark is one of my favourite artists. His work is clever, witty and a joy to look at - gorgeous creations painstakingly made from paper. His website is beautiful too!


  1. just been to his website... i love the wagging tail greeting from his dog!!!

    i best go look at the rest of his site now... ;)


  2. most beautiful leanda,

    what a smile this post ( & you of course ) just put on my face !


    just so so lovely ..
    just stumbled on this, ~ & thought of you
    ( harmonie interieure + hand dyed yarn = ♥ )

    all my best, most amazing you
    xxxx h


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