Monday, 6 July 2009


The image in the previous post is not, sadly, where I live. The place in the picture is Nafplio, a beautiful, picture-perfect town on the coast about two-hours drive from Athens. I live in Athens. A huge, sprawling, filthy, hot, crowded city, not without a certain charm in parts. For now, I am happy here. One day I will live in the picture. With some babies and chickens and beehives, plenty of cats around, a few fruit-bearing trees, maybe a room to let, baking my own bread. This is my dream.

I had the opportunity to visit Nafplio last Friday, where George had a business meeting. He took me along for the ride and let me roam around the town while he talked the talk. I had a wonderful time mooching around with my camera. The banner image for this blog was taken there. A simple scattering of jasmine flowers on the steps up to the castle. There was also a wonderful folklore museum full of amazing textiles and costumes... lots to inspire there! On the way home we went for a swim in crystal clear waters and ate fish by the sea. It's better than Milton Keynes.


  1. hi Leanda!

    thank you very much for the link to your blog, it very exciting starting a new project like this and i can't wait to see how you progess and develop it... :)

    i love your banner too, simple and beautiful with yummy colours!

    and your dream sound wondeful, far more beautiful than life here in the UK... i'm impressed that you spent so long in London, i managed a two week stay and an occasional day trip, but i certainly could never live there!

    anyway, i'm really looking forward to following your new blog, till the next post... :)


  2. when you live in the picture
    is the day i pack my bag &
    come see you & the babies & the chickens
    ~ & we'll feed the bees with powder sugar & drink wine ..

    looking forward to it already !

    love you.


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