Monday, 6 July 2009

live your myth

I live in Greece. A country of contradictions - rich in beauty, culture and history, yet politically corrupt, where blackmail and nepotism is commonplace and the cost of living is far higher than the average wage. The divide between rich and poor is wide. It has suffered hundreds of years of oppressive reign and division, mass displacement of its people and civil unrest. This is probably why the Greeks are one of the most forthright and frank populations on the planet. Every Greek has an opinion and you will hear it. But Greeks are also one of the most hospitable and genuinely friendly of the planet's nations. And for two years now I have called this place home.

I met George in London in 2004, a place where I spent 20 years of my life and I have absolutely no desire to return to. Always certain that he would return to his country, and always sure that I would leave England, Greece seemed a natural choice. I love Europe and the Mediterranean - this is my little corner of the world - with its wonderful sea, climate and food. Throughout my blog, I will hopefully share some of the best aspects it has to offer.


  1. hello, this is stellamaria from flickr. Your posts are so sweet and so true in what you re saying about Greece. I look forward to more readings :)
    I have a "George" in my life too and met him in 2004, in Athens, not London :) But the idea was to leave the city I lived in and find a quiet and peaceful house with trees around and the sea in walking distance. That's how we got to this island, trying to settle for good, still renting of course.. it has its ups and downs. oh well anyway.. nice to hear your story :)

  2. i love this part ..
    love this view of you & your land.
    and i see you there.
    it's lovely..

    this will be such a beautiful way to
    follow you on your path, sweetest !

    much love
    & hugs too

  3. glad to hear you re-located successfully.
    one fo my friend lived in greece for almost a year and this was about how he described it too.
    looking forward to following your blog...


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