Wednesday, 9 September 2009

trying to cope

I just have way too much on my plate right now to blog properly, so sorry for the sporadic posts. I am desperately trying to motivate myself and not let myself slide into depression, and job-hunting like crazy. I have one or two issues in my life which make this a slightly more complicated task for me than for others, but I won't bore you with that right now.
One thing I am trying to figure out is what to do with my crochet skills, money-making wise, but I just keep staring at my hooks. I hope the lightbulb in my head will come on soon... in the meantime, a few shots from my workspace. And all inspirational, motivational comments/stories are most welcome!

And a BIG thank you to all of you who replied to my previous post... you really did make me smile :)


  1. dear leanda,

    you're such a talented person that i know you'll find a way to turn your skills into some profit while you have some fun also.
    have you ever thought of opening an etsy store?
    i'll be here with my fingers crossed for you!


  2. Hi Leanda!
    I would second Rita's suggestion of opening an Etsy shop. Your hexagon pincushion would sell very well. Consider designing doilies or other small crochet items. Because the finished product is light, shipping costs hopefully would not be extreme.

  3. oh Leanda...

    my problem with crochet is that i have too many things i want to make and ideas i want to try, simply because you can pretty much make anything from crocheted fabric!

    you should start with something you've already made for yourself and certainly something you love making...
    i definately think making a variety of pin cushions to start and opening your own wee etsy shop is a great idea... i remember your pin cushion pic on flickr got a lot of attention!
    and once you've made a start the ideas will flow so quickly you won't be able to keep up with yourself!

    i hope this helps a wee bit... :)

    ps ~ you have my support in your button obsession too... ;)

  4. I'm back again! I had another idea...again, your pincushion. What about writing up the pattern and packaging it with the threads/stuffing/etc as a kit for those who want to make their own. Then sell through either Etsy or through your blog. Since you designed the pattern, you should earn something for it! I would certainly buy the pattern or kit. There are many knitwear designers who use their blogs to promote their design although most of them do sell through a shop. Actually, I bet you might be able to put your kits into these various shops. What do you think?

  5. Hi Leanda
    I'm a crochet teacher in London and write a crochet blog - I've just set up your hexagon pattern for my class and wanted to thank you very much for that. I wondered if, when things are bit less difficult for you, you'd like to answer some crochet related questions for a little profile of you for the blog?
    Best wishes

  6. Hi Leanda,
    I have seen from your more recent post that you are feeling a bit more optimistic about your next steps. I agree with previous comments that you have some wonderful ideas, the know how and a great sense of what works - which would be put to good use in setting up an etsy shop or some other business. I suppose it all takes some time and if you have the time to work on it, it would be wonderful I have been struggling with some of the same concerns you have raised in this post, so can really sympathise with the "trying to cope" at the moment.

  7. L.,

    I agree with everyone else who has suggested an Etsy shop, but if you're not sure about shipping or if that's something you'd want to get in to, I would definitely start selling some pdf format patterns. Begin by writing up your hexagon pincushion, start a shop, while that's up and ready, start designing a new pattern!

    I just found your blog before you left on your last vacation and love it! Good luck!

  8. Oh no don't feel too bad! We all hate job-hunting and it gets so very hard. In fact, I even get depressed when I GET a job - hehe.
    Your blog is beautiful and your crochet inspiring and gorgeous!! Don't give up on your goals... perhaps you could list your crochet skills on the nest at




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