Monday, 14 September 2009

spotlight on... Emma Lamb

One of my most favourite of blog friends and goddess of granny chic is the one and only Emma Lamb. I'm sure many of you are getting to know her name as she is deservedly appearing everywhere lately and slowly taking the yarn world by storm with her cushions and potholders. Which all have fantastic granny names like Audrey and Doris by the way!

Her sense of colour is outstanding and her work is so exquisitely executed... just get a load of those granny squares!!

And I just love all the beautiful little details too...

Emma runs some amazingly inspirational groups on Flickr too including .knit.solid.yarn., granny chic... and all colours in... which are definately worth a look over a cuppa. All this along with a day job as a textile designer - I really don't know how she fits it all in! But I'm glad she does. Here's to you Emma!


  1. What beautiful work! Thank you for the links...I find them very inspirational! I am amazed at the beautiful pillows. How do they do that? Is the crocheted piece sewn onto a fabric pillow?

  2. You are so right...she is the queen of granny chic! ;)
    I will be back tomorrow to read the rest of your blog to see what I have missed the last couple of weeks.
    ♥ Jeannette

  3. came here from emma.

    and had a nice time looking around.

    love your hexagons!

  4. oh Leanda, thank you so much for such a sweet write up... and i just love the images you picked out, they are some of my favourite too... :)

    i too am proud to count you amongst my friedns... :)
    have a fabulous day my dear,

  5. i really should check my spelling before i post comments!

    i meant to write friends not 'friedns'... although we can be bestest bloggy 'friedns' if you like... ;)

  6. I haven't visited emma's blog before, it is beautiful such wonderful inspiration. thanks for the introduction

  7. OH MY GIDDY AUNT! Time to stop pottering around the granny square edges and dive right in, methinks!

  8. oh no! she sounds like my sister.
    FABULOUSLY creative inspiring and almost sickening in terms of productivity :)
    beautiful flowers :)



  9. Très jolies toutes ces petites décorations.


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