Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Spotlight on... White Owl

I'm more into modernism than vintage these days, but just check out these stunning, stunning reclaimed lace pieces from White Owl...

...and so beautifully photographed too!


  1. aren't they are gorgeous Leanda, i love the charcoal one especially... :)

    oh and woo~hoo! the ash cloud has lifted! it's funny how things work out sometimes isn't it, what with your paper work issues and the possibility of your parents not being able to make it over!? i just hope it doesn't come back until you've had your big day!

    i'm sorry i haven't been by so much lately, i'm super busy at the moment (in a good way!) and barely have any time for 'chit~chat'... :(

    both Spanner and me send our hugs to you... :)
    emma x

    ps ~ he had a fab birthday with tons of treats and lots of sunbathing on our bed no less! ~ the sheets were just about to be changed anyway... ;)

  2. Yes, these are so very beautiful !!!


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