Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Happy Hangers

As soon as I saw these Happy Hangers from Dottie Angel, I knew I had to make some...

... Tif's pattern is really easy to follow, but if you suffer from 'daft & pregnant' brain syndrome like me, I had to make one or two small changes, which you may or may not find helpful.

1. However hard I tried, I just could not work this over a foundation of 65 + 3. For some reason I had to work a foundation of 73 + 3 for the required amount of 13 shells. Go figure... I don't think anyone else had this difficulty with counting :)

2. Tif's hangers are probably fairly vintage and therefore weeny. My bottom hanger in the picture above is quite old and is the same depth as hers, but the top one is more modern and a bit fatter. To compensate for the extra depth I first edged the shells in my second colour with single crochets before joining the two halves together.

3. I found the joining difficult... and Dottie does explain that you need some patience. However, I don't have any. I found it easier to start joining one chain to the the left of the post of the hanger at point (a) and working all the way round until I reached point (b) before inserting the hanger. That way, I just had the little bit on top to do (which still requires the patience of a saint I might add).

These are a sinch to knock out, beautifully practical and a fantastic stashbuster too!


  1. Well, they still turned out quite pretty! I think I have some hangers I could cover, and I really want to the more I see this.

    Don't you just love dottie angel?

  2. Matter of fact I did have that trouble with the beginning number of chains. It wasn't just you, it was the 2 of us! Oh well, they came out cute as ever. Love your blog. Thanks, Vicki


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