Thursday, 2 December 2010

Feeling creative again!

I seem to have a constant string of crochet projects on the go. I've just finished this little cushion for Leo's room, which seemed to take an age to do!

And I'm playing around with these buttons that I've just unearthed in a jar somewhere... but what to do with them?

Suggestions please. I'd love to string them into a necklace but haven't the faintest idea how to do it!


  1. You can also make another pillow or a bag or purse and in its cover you can saw this little crochet circles and add some vintage buttons.
    Or only the buttons! like drawing with them.
    Love your cushion!

  2. Love that pillow...they are timeless.

  3. what fun & colorful things you made !

  4. Gorgeous, gorgeous cushion - my daughter has just seen it and demanded one on the spot!
    As for the buttons - I think you should sew them onto the fabric in the hoop, exactly as they are there and then display it, hoop and all, as a work of art! And I'm being serious.

  5. I love your cushion, Im fairly new to crochet, and I am now adding crochet cushion to my ever expanding list.
    with the buttons, you could crochet a chain and incorporate the buttons in, to make a necklace.

  6. So beautiful and inspiring. I definitely want to crochet this!


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