Friday, 13 November 2009

early seasons greetings

Well, as I mentioned before, I'm sort of having an off moment with crochet. A couple of days ago I got a teeny job out of the blue to design some bottle labels. Whether anything will come of it I don't know, but it got me back on the old computer and I kind of enjoyed it. So yesterday I sat down and did this little Christmas card. I really had fun creating it and think I might be doing some more. So, what do you think? Should I???

(click on image to enlarge)


  1. absolutely!!! and open yourself an etsy shop so that you're adoring public can get their grubby mitts on some for themselves... ;)

    oh, and my apologies for not being by sooner ~ sorry! i'm swamped with stuff at the moment and the winter blues aren't helping with motivation! i shall make it up to you soon... ;)

    your bloggy pal,

  2. Bonjour,
    I think it is very attractive and lovely for the eyes!! I like the owl it is original . Winter here is coming soon, this morning the grass was all white so your post make me in the mood of winter.
    I hope my english is reflecting the right way what i am tinking in french!!!!!!!!!

  3. Definitely! It's very cute! I love the owl.

    Congratulations on getting a job!

  4. Yes, definetely, make more! Its a very sweet card and I love the happy colours!

  5. wow !
    i din't know this talent of yours ! congrats it is so adorable ! and good luck for the bottle business :)


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